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What a wild ride this is, growing a tiny human. I did it five times myself, and I swear each time felt like the first. The anticipation. The excitement. Learning to love your changing body. It's all so incredible.  

Whether this is your first journey or fifth, it's a beautiful process, and I would love to help you document it in an authentic, honest way.

No cheesy poses or elaborate fancy dresses here. Just real emotion, connection, and the new life you're creating.

"We were so overwhelmingly pleased with the pictures from our maternity shoot. Kim made us feel completely relaxed throughout the shoot. She has amazing vision and was able to capture our joy in this special time in our lives."


Kind Words

Kind words

Baltimore Maternity Session

I personally love in home maternity sessions because I find them more personal, but it's also a fantastic way for me to get to know you and your space before the newborn session. Having access to your closet for more ideas is just icing on the cake.

With that being said, outdoor maternity sessions are beautiful as well. When you book, we can discuss which option works best for you.



Should I schedule my maternity session indoors or outdoors?



I do not, and love it that way. I have owned and operated 6 different studios in Baltimore, Catonsville, Westminster and Elkridge during my 16+ year career. Something always pulled me to more lifestyle so I made the switch in 2018 and won't ever look back! There's something much more special about it and with maternity sessions, I love that we are documenting your pregnancy in the space you spent daydreaming about bringing home a new baby. 


Do you have a photography studio?









Yes please! I love when the join because not only are they obviously a big part of your baby's life, but it allows for more interaction and connections, which in turn, leads to a much bigger gallery for you. ;)

The best time for a maternity session is generally between your 28th-36th week. For outdoor maternity sessions, I suggest booking earlier in that timeframe so we can have some flexibility with weather, especially during the spring and fall months. 


Can my husband and children participate?


I'm a big believer in making sure each session is unique to the family, which is why I do not offer a maternity wardrobe. I had one in the past and felt like most clients still preferred to bring their own, that felt more like them. When you book, you'll receive clothing guidance and a list of wonderful and affordable places to find dresses or clothing for your maternity session, but I can also safely say, you likely have wonderful options right in your closet. Some of my favorite sessions have been with just basic items that mom already owned.

Do you provide maternity dresses for my photos?

When is the best time for a Maternity Session?

I save the best question for last. This is almost everyone's concern and I really enjoy showing people how little it matters the day of the session.

I have photographed families in all types of homes. From a single room in a tiny apartment, to sprawling mansions that were immaculately decorated. I can tell you 100% it doesn't matter.  We can use as much or as little of your home as you'd like. If you have great decor, awesome, we can include tiny bits. Nothing at all on the walls because you just moved in? Great! We have lots of white backgrounds and simplicity! Truth be told, we spend a lot of time near windows and I will guide you before the session as what to expect. No need to fully clean or prep, it's a lot easier than you think.

What if my home is too small, not decorated, Or too Dark?

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Step 3: We'll choose the best location for your vision and go over what to wear.

Step 4: Complete a short questionnaire and
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Step 5: Meet for a fun and stress-free session!

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