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Maryland Maternity photography for laid-back mothers

What a wild ride this is, growing a tiny human. The anticipation. The excitement. Learning to love your changing body. It's all so incredible.  

Whether this is your first journey or fifth, it's a beautiful process, and I would love to help you document it in an authentic, honest way.

Relaxed and emotive maternity photography for the Greater Baltimore Washington area

Outdoor Maryland maternity sessions are perfect for those mothers who want a short and sweet session and love the look of long flowy grasses or a beautiful city park. They take place at one of several locations that are hand picked based on texture, privacy and availability of soft beautiful light.

In-home maternity sessions can either take place all indoors or be a mix of inside and around your yard, for a great variety of images. With access to your closet right there, we can easily incorporate an outfit change (or 2-3) to truly make it yours.

It doesn't matter if your home large and decorated, or small and bare. If you have a window (which you do) and the desire to see the raw emotion of this time, we can make magic together!

Outdoor Maryland Maternity Photography

In-Home Maryland Maternity Sessions

Kind Words

Working with Kim was a slam dunk. We have worked with many photographers over the years in different states that we have lived but have NEVER felt as comfortable as we did with Kim. She made the entire session so comfortable and easy and I felt beautiful the whole time. Doing photos at our home allowed her to take creative license and she totally nailed it!!

— Kyra, Silver Spring Maryland

Kim went above & beyond to make us feel comfortable and natural. My husband (who is not a picture person) was amazed by how easy going and relaxed the shoot was!

— Laura D, Essex Maryland

She embraced the multiple dogs in our house and really went with the flow. I love that she incorporated the shots and personal items that we love, but also brought her expertise to suggest things that photograph best.

— Leila, Bethesda Maryland

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Relaxed and Natural Maryland and DC Maternity Photography

Choose from an in-home session, studio or outdoors. Partners, children and pets welcome and encouraged to participate.

Rates vary based on location and style. For current pricing, reach out and I'll send you a pricing guide via email the same day. :)



I do not, and I love it that way. I have owned and operated 6 different studios in Baltimore, Catonsville, Westminster and Elkridge during my 16+ year career. Something always pulled me to more lifestyle so I made the switch in 2018 and won't ever look back! There's something much more special about it and with maternity sessions, I love that we are documenting your pregnancy in the space you spent daydreaming about bringing home a new baby. 

Do you have a Maternity photography studio?

I personally love in home maternity sessions because I find them more personal, but it's also a fantastic way for me to get to know you and your space before the newborn session. Having access to your closet for more ideas is just icing on the cake.

With that being said, outdoor maternity sessions are beautiful as well. When you book, we can discuss which option works best for you.

Should I book indoors or outdoors?

The best time for a maternity session is generally between your 28th-36th week. For outdoor maternity sessions, I suggest booking earlier in that timeframe so we can have some flexibility with weather, especially during the spring and fall months. 

When is the best time for a maternity session?

I'm a big believer in making sure each session is unique to YOU, which is why I do not offer a maternity wardrobe. I had one in the past and felt like most clients still preferred to bring their own, that felt more like them. When you book, you'll receive clothing guidance and a list of wonderful and affordable places to find clothing for your maternity session, but I can also safely say, you likely have wonderful options right in your closet. Some of my favorite sessions have been with just basic items that mom already owned.

Do you have a maternity wardrobe?

Yes please! I love when the join because not only are they obviously a big part of your baby's life, but it allows for more interaction and connections, which in turn, leads to a much bigger gallery for you. ;)

Can my partner and children participate?

I have photographed families in all types of homes. From a single room in a tiny apartment, to sprawling mansions that were immaculately decorated. I can tell you it 100%  does NOT matter.  What matters is the light and love, and I guarantee you have both.

We can use as much or as little of your home as you'd like. If you have great decor, awesome, we can include tiny bits. Nothing at all on the walls because you just moved in? Great! We have lots of white backgrounds and simplicity!

Truth be told, we spend a lot of time near windows and I will guide you before the session as what to expect. No need to fully clean or prep, it's a lot easier than you think.

I live in a small home - What if it's  too small,  not decorated? Or too Dark?


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