It All Began When She Was Born

I started out like a lot of photographers who specialize in newborns and families; when I became a mother. The first of my five babies was the catalyst for really learning portrait photography. I wanted more than snapshots. I wanted photos that would look amazing on my walls and truly capture what I saw in my child.

While I have always had an interest in photography, I became obsessed with documenting life when my daughter was born 17 years ago. I studied everything I could get my hands on. I started my first business, Kim Flores Photography in 2006 and then rebranded to Kim Whipps Photography when I married my best friend in 2017.

I can't think of anything else I would rather do in this world. It has brought me so much joy and so many friends though the families I have met over the years. I think that shines through my images. 

My superpower is putting parents and children at ease in front of my camera, and not only capturing images that evoke joy, but creating a beautiful experience they will remember for life.

Professionally, my work has been featured in several national publications such as Pregnancy and Newborn, Modern Babies and Children, Chesapeake Family, Disney Baby, EdiTorial, Confessions of a Prop Junkie, CBS, Project Nursery, and The Party Dress. I was awarded Best Family Photographer in Nickelodeons Parents Pick Awards in 2008.


Simplicity, transparency, clean and vibrant editing for timeless photos, and doing whatever it takes to capture a laugh.


Complicated ordering processes, trendy photo editing with crazy filters, and putting sessions into time slots.


These days it would be editing with my best friend, cuddling kids or cats, doodling flowers, or reading something on female empowerment.

daily rituals

Morning affirmations, cuddles with my sexy husband and the kids young enough to still want hugs, coffee,  yoga, editing, blogging and laundry of course. Always laundry.

“Kim has a way of putting people at ease when they're around her. We hired her to take our first daughter's photos but left with a good friend!" 


so they say: