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In-Home and Outdoor Family Photography Sessions

As a mom of five, I am used to any chaos you can bring. Have a crazy but adorable toddler who refuses to give anything but a cheese smile? Bring it on because I promise I can get the natural smiles. Although, I'll likely get one of those cheese smiles also, just because it's cute. ;)

Are you wondering if your home is photo-worthy (hint, it is), or should you do it at an outdoor location? I'm going to walk you through all of that too. All you need to decide is that these days are flying by, and there's no better time than the present to document a little taste of this moment.

Show up, be you, and let the kids be kids. I've got the rest. 

Joyful connections with the whole family

Natural yet vibrant editing

Playful Posing and ZERO Stress

Sessions include the whole immediate family, including pets. Grandparents in town? Count them in if you'd like!

My style has always gravitated towards natural which means your photos will always be timeless. My goal is to create art that will flow with the rest of your photos as your children grow and withstand trends that come and go.

No cheese faces or stiff posing. Sessions are all based around play and natural connections. I use a series of fun prompts and gentle guidance to evoke the natural and joyful expressions.

"We just did an in-home family photo session with our 1 year old daughter with Kim and wow, wow, wow! Kim was so responsive and helpful during the booking process. During the session, she was warm, funny, so good with our daughter and incredibly fast and skilled. She made us all feel so relaxed and kept it loose and joyful! We got so many incredible photos of our family. I would absolutely hire Kim to take photos of our family again and I feel so fortunate to have found her!  I will always treasure these pictures. They really captured our family dynamic in a wonderfully sweet way!"

Rachel Tucker, Frederick Maryland

Kind Words

After booking, you'll receive an easy to follow what to wear guide to help take the guess work out of getting ready for your session. I'm always here to walk you through suggestions as well.




I know you're insanely excited to see them, and I can't wait for you to see them too! I have a fast turn around so you can expect to receive your gallery within 10 short days of your session. 


When will I receive my images?





Absolutely, but I'll be 100% honest.....I much prefer to have parents, or at least one of you, participate. Children are more comfortable when they have a chance to run and snuggle you. They smile differently, and my sessions are based around capturing the family as a whole. Not to mention, you look radiant when you're snuggling your child. If a quick cake smash or just a few sibling phots are your goal, I would go with a Short Story session.


Can I just have Photos of my child, and not me?


I fully guarantee my work, but let me elaborate here. If your baby is super fussy and we just can't make it work that day, we'll wrap it up, get you back toddler snuggles and I'll come back another day. Easy as that. It's only happened once in over 15 years for babies who really were just having an off day, but the option is there should we need it. 


What if my baby is fussy or toddler doesn't cooperate?


I don't watch a clock because we move on children's time (and the sun for outdoors) but you can expect a natural flow of 30 minutes for Short Story sessions or up to 90 for Storyteller sessions. We take as many breaks as we need and you'll see, there's a natural end. Never rushed.


How long should we plan for the session to take?


I save the best question for last. This is almost everyone's concern and I really enjoy showing people how little it matters the day of the session.

I have photographed families in all types of homes. From a single room in a tiny apartment, to sprawling mansions that were immaculately decorated. I can tell you 100% it doesn't matter.  We can use as much or as little of your home as you'd like. If you have great decor, awesome, we can include tiny bits. Nothing at all on the walls because you just moved in? Great! We have lots of white backgrounds and simplicity! Truth be told, we spend a lot of time near windows and I will guide you before the session as what to expect. No need to fully clean or prep, it's a lot easier than you think.


What if my home is too small, or not decorated? Or too Dark?