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Baltimore Baby Photography – Best Time for Sessions

One of the most common questions I get regarding baby photography is, “when is the best time for a session.”  This my friend, is going to vary for every photographer, but let me give you my candid opinion in this post..

Baltimore Baby Photography – When is the best Time for Baby Sessions?


Now. The best time for baby photography is now.

Too often I see on photographers websites that they only photograph babies under 2 weeks old. This is absolutely insane to me. How is a baby only photogenic at 2 weeks and younger? They’re not. But what is happening here is, with the trend of posing babies in unnatural positions and in props that require them to be in a deep heavy sleep, some photographers will ask that your baby is 2 weeks old or younger at the time of booking. This is because they are still curly enough to fit inside of props and get into more womb like poses because they haven’t been outside of you as long. Remember, that style of photography isn’t for everyone and you shouldn’t feel like that’s the only style of newborn photography available.

So obviously, this request doesn’t mean that’s the best time to photograph them.. it’s just the best time for that type of photography if that’s what you want.

As for me, I photograph babies at any age. Some of my favorite “newborn” sessions have been with babies 5-6 weeks. Some at 10 days, like this little guy below. I don’t set an age and I really won’t tell you when the best time is to photograph your baby because I believe the best time is anytime. Truth is, they will always be your baby so that could mean the best time is even at 30. 😉

Now, I will end this with a recent session with a beautiful family in Baltimore City. Their 10 day baby boy and his absolutely hilarious 22 month old sister who was super hesitant to love on her brother at first but ended our morning with some adorable interactions and expressions that pull at my heart strings.

baltimore baby photography

Family Baby Photography Session

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If you’re an expecting mom or have welcomed a new baby and you are looking for a Baltimore newborn photographer, I would love to talk with you! To see more of my newborn portfolio please click here and feel free to reach out and ask any question you can think of. 

Xo Kim

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