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Baltimore In Home Newborn Session

in home lifestyle newborn session

If you’ve searched the term Baltimore  in home newborn session looking for a newborn photographer, you’re bound to find hundreds of photographers all suggesting the same thing; the best time to photograph your newborn baby is under 2 weeks of age. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for all families and I’m here to tell you today, that is MORE than ok. In fact, I’d actually love to photograph older newborns! Let me tell you why.

First, older newborns tend to be a bit more alert. While they are still pretty sleepy, they have been in this world long enough to master great eye contact, which makes for beautiful connection. In one session, I’m typically able to get a good mix of wide awake images with connection, and some sweet sleepy shots too. While they sleep a bit lighter on average, I still have some tricks up my sleeve to get those great close ups and curly shots that everyone loves.

Second, parents tend to be more settled in their routine and moms have had some time to heal. Coming from someone who has had five children herself, I can assure you, that’s always a plus.

Baltimore In Home Newborn Session

Lastly, and most importantly, any age of a child is worthy of photographing. Don’t wait until they hit what a photographer says is the “ideal age” or stress over missing that short two-week window. All life is worth documenting.

“Those little feet, won’t be little forever.” ― Ashlee Edens 

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