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We have to see this from another perspective and remember why us moms need to exist in photos too. As a Baltimore family photographer, I have worked with thousands of moms and during our time spent together, we talk. We get personal. I know your fears and the insecurities because I have felt them too. I still do.

So let’s get real today. I could probably make this post a few thousand words and I am sure I will come back to it and elaborate and add more, but for now, I wanted to leave you with just 5 reasons why mom’s need to exist in photos.

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1. Your Children Deserve Photos of You 

So I’ll be blunt here. Your family pictures aren’t just about you. If you’re feeling insecure or nervous about being in front of the camera after having babies, think about this. These photos are also a priceless gift to your children and grandchildren.

Moms, have you EVER looked at a photo of your late grandmother or mom and thought to yourself “wow, mom should have lost a few pounds before they took these photos” or “man, mom had a double chin in these”. No, I highly doubt you did. That’s because it does not matter in the least to us what our loved ones looked like. We simply remember how these people made us feel throughout our lives.

We can’t take back the moments that we hid from the camera. We can’t make ourselves look like ourselves once we have photoshopped an image to create a photograph that no longer looks like us. It may give you some small satisfaction to use filters and photoshop to thin your arms or alter yourself in some way, but I PROMISE  that you will regret it when you want to look back and remember what that moment actually felt like.

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2. It Can Help with Your Self Esteem

I know it seems crazy, but often times, having our photos taken can actually help our self esteem. We can’t quite capture ourselves with the rear facing camera selfies. Sure they can help, but it doesn’t quite compare to a talented family photographer who can capture you at various angles using soft beautiful light.

I consider myself a body positive family photographer. My goal is to capture moments, but in doing so, I will gently guide you into flattering lighting that captures everything that makes you as beautiful as you are in this moment.

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“Kim!!!! I can’t believe this is me! I mean, I know it’s me but wow, I rarely love photographs of myself but I love this so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Kelly Posner, Ellicott City mom of 3

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3. It helps with your child’s self esteem too!

Our kids associate things we display in our homes as important, so when you have a photo with you and your child together, you’re telling them that you value that moment. It gives them a sense of security and belonging which in turn, helps their self esteem. It can help them feel more confident, encouraged but also shows them that you loved yourself enough to display your photos on the wall.

I loved this post by Design A Glow on how family portraits boost your child’s self esteem.

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4. Tomorrow is Never a Guarantee

I hesitated on this one, but it’s true. We are only guaranteed the minute we are in, and nothing more than that. Putting off photos until you have your hair highlighted or lose a few pounds is possibly preventing the moments from ever being documented.

5. You’re Documenting the Journey

Motherhood is an incredible journey. That old saying “the days are long but the years are short” is so true, and I wish I would have believed it myself when my babies were young. I didn’t, and like many other moms, I put off having my photos taken too despite knowing I should document it. I just kept telling myself tomorrow was a new day. Well, not to be doom and gloom here, but my oldest is about to turn 18 this June and my youngest of 5 will be 10. They aren’t slowing down and neither is time. I wish I could go back and be in way more photos with them, but I can’t. So it leaves me with only today, tomorrow and helping other mothers exist in their own photos.

Promise me you won’t let these days go by, just waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is today. Even if you don’t hire a Baltimore family photographer, have someone take them with your phone or camera. Just exist in photos.

I’ll likely come back to this post or do another one to elaborate because I have so much I want to say. Gathering my own photos to share with you as well.

with love,


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