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3 Reasons Why I Love In Home Family Photography

I started my business focusing on mainly in home family photography as the concept of owning a studio seemed so far out of reach. I admit, it was a lot of fun and really helped me learn lighting. It wasn’t until 4 years into my career that I opened my first studio and then several more after that. Fast forward to 2018, I was back to photographing families in their own homes and I am not ever going back to exclusively studio. I still have a small studio for occasional mini sessions and headshots but I absolutely love in home family photography, and outdoors as well.

Three Big Reasons Why In Home Family Photography is So Much Fun

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 In Home Family Photography Is Personalized to YOU

When you schedule a Baltimore lifestyle photographer to come to you for an in home family photography session, you should hopefully have a very personalized experience. With my sessions, we can use as much or as little of your home as you’d like, but typically I do like to include personal elements of your decor. The nursery is a given if you have it, because that is something that you poured your heart into. Other main areas like the living room, or even your room are great places to hang out too. Generally, anywhere I can find the light within your home is where I like to shoot.

I love that each in home session is completely unique. Sure, studio sessions were unique as well but a studio can only have so many backdrops and props. In your home, the backdrop is YOUR life. The elements of your home that you took time to cultivate. Incorporating them into elements of your lifestyle photos makes the session that much more special.

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More Clothing Options and Easy Wardrobe Changes with In Home Family Sessions

The other huge benefit to in home family photography is we have plenty of time for a clothing change and access to ALL of your wardrobe if you need advice and suggestions. If you want to wear a dress for some photos and then change into something more casual like jeans and a sweater, your closet is right there! I love variety in my family sessions so highly encourage it. It also helps to have access to more clothing for a teething baby (hint, drool on clothing can be a bear to photoshop!).

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Milestone Sessions Are Even Better in Your Home

This is probably what I love the most about in home family photography. When you invite me back. 😉 I first met little Lukas for his newborn session last summer so was thrilled when I was invited back into their Pasadena home for an 8 month milestone session. With baby milestones, it’s fun to take a few similar shots from previous sessions to see the growth of your baby.

For instance, when we met for Luke’s newborn session last year, mom asked if I could photograph him on a special bear rug in his room. Of course I obliged… it was so cute!! We also photographed her in the rocking chair in their beautiful nursery. The moment we talked about this second session, I knew I had to replicate those shots to see the comparison. They definitely did not disappoint!

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