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Beautiful Baby Sofia with Her 2 Fur Siblings

Baltimore City Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle Newborn Photos in a Light Filled Apartment

lifestyle photographers baltimore city

One of my favorite things about lifestyle newborn photography is that there are no limitations on what any session will be like. Each one is so unique. Because we aren’t using the same props, poses and backdrops, it leaves me so much more room for creativity. It also leaves the family with an experience that is truly personal to their new family.

Scheduling a Baltimore City Newborn Photographer

All of my Newborn lifestyle sessions are scheduled in the morning, around 10am when the light is typically the most diffuse throughout the house. Babies tend to be pretty calm during this time as well. When you book your newborn session, I pencil in your due date and ask that someone contacts me within a day or two of your baby’s arrive to set the date. Because I book a limited amount of due dates each month, I have several days for you to choose from.  One other main advantage to lifestyle newborn sessions is we don’t need to worry about complicated poses that require baby to be under two weeks old and sleeping like a rock. They can be awake or asleep, which means anytime under 8 weeks is great for “newborn photos”. With that said, there is something sweet about under that 2/3 week window when they are still pretty wrinkly. 😉

What to Wear for Your Lifestyle Newborn Session

When you book, I’ll send you a link to a detailed prep guide, BUT I really recommend you do some research yourself as well. Pinterest is great for this and a simple search for “what to wear for lifestyle newborn photos” will pull up more suggestions than you’ll know what to do with. Don’t go crazy and spend a ton of money on clothes. I really recommend families wear comfortable, semi casual, neutral clothing that they feel comfortable in. My prep guide has suggestions like looking at the decor in your home, to make sure it flows well, and also consider what baby will wear. I have several white/neutral colored outfits for baby, but you really can’t go wrong with white and jeans for parents. Moms, I will say this. Only wear a dress if you’re comfortable in it.

Another big tip is having two outfits if you’re on the fence. We always have time for a clothing change.

Baby Sofia and her Fur Siblings

Ok now onto what this post was about. Sweet miss Sofia and her adorable siblings!! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when mom told me she had not only a mini Goldendoodle but a Rex Rabbit as well! What are the odds we met right before Easter too?!

Her session was amazing. I knew going into the day that they had a bright apartment and it definitely was! So much light on even an overcast day. Mom followed the prep info perfectly so she was fed and gently swaddled when I arrived. We started with her solo poses on a white blanket and the first two shots I got off were little grins!

I was in and out of their apartment within two hours, and that included a decent feeding break with tons of variety around their beautiful Baltimore City high rise apartment. Their finally gallery was 75 images not including the black and white versions. Just sharing some of my favorites here. 😉

Tech info:  Canon R6 with 35mm f/1.4L lens and 100 f/2.8L lens, edited in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Are you a Baltimore or surrounding area expectant parent thinking about working with a Baltimore City newborn photographer? Great! Reach out and tell me all about your family! I’d love to talk more about capturing YOUR story.

xo Kim


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