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Colorful Mini Family Session in Baltimore

Mini Family Session in Baltimore

I don’t typically shoot a lot of mini family sessions because my style of photography lends itself to a ton of overshooting and a lot of connections. Kind of makes it hard to narrow down to just a few images in a lower mini session investment. Sometimes I make exceptions though and I’m so glad I did on this beautiful weekend outside of Baltimore.

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Spring Photos in Baltimore

I joke that we are going right from winter to summer in 2022. Maryland weather is crazy and so unpredictable! It goes from being 50 degrees, right to 85 in one week. This weekend we lucked out with about 65 degrees and sunny, which made for gorgeous lighting at the park we chose outside of Baltimore, in Catonsville Maryland. It’s one of my favorite locations for family photos because it’s beautiful, quiet, and there’s plenty of space for kids to run.

The other interesting part about outdoor spring photos is, there isn’t a lot on the trees until May. BUT, there are little pockets of beautiful daffodils if you find the right spot.  When we first arrived at this park, I didn’t see much color until we turned the corner and found a beautiful area of yellow blooms.

spring photos in Maryland

Preparing for a Mini Family Session in Baltimore

Mini sessions are a different experience than a full Storyteller session, but still a lot of fun. The main difference is that we schedule them back to back at set locations around Baltimore and Howard County. They last about 15 minutes and we end up with galleries of 50+ from which you would either pick your favorite 5 images or upgrade to the full gallery.

Prep wise, it’s the same as regular outdoor session. When you book, you’ll get a link to a prep and clothing page and it all applies to either Mini Sessions, Short Story or Storyteller sessions.

What to Wear for a Spring Mini Family Session

Pretty much the same thing that you would choose for a regular Storyteller family session outside. While some photographers provide a wardrobe to encourage a consistent look to their portfolio, I really encourage families to be themselves. I can’t count how many times I have seen a mom change from a dress to a pair of jeans and a cute shirt and she just totally changes her expressions. Wear what YOU feel comfortable in and it will show in the photos we capture. We want you to be relaxed.

With that said, if you like color, go with it. If you like black, go with that. The prep guide I will send you helps a lot, I promise. When in doubt, send me your ideas and I can offer suggestions. I love to help and I can point you in the right direction.

I typically notify previous clients of mini sessions first as I promise them dibs on dates and times when they release. But I do make exceptions. 😉 If you are thinking you may like to try a mini session first, head over to my Facebook VIP group and request an add as I will post mini sessions in the group first.

xo Kim

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