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Choosing a Maryland Newborn Photographer

How to Choose a Maryland Newborn Photographer

Searching for a Maryland newborn photographer is no easy task if you’re hitting up Google or Pinterest without an idea of styles you like. I may be a family photographer myself, but I’ve been in your shoes. Even though I was a professional myself, it was too hard to photograph my own babies after c-sections.

Searching for the perfect newborn photographer to document my new babies was no easy task. It doesn’t help that every Maryland newborn photographer has different styles and pricing structures to make for more decisions.

So how can you decide which Maryland newborn photographer is right for your family? That my friend requires a little research and soul searching but let’s go into what it’s like to have a session with me to see if we’d be a good fit.

Maryland newborn sessions with Kim Whipps Photography

I spent the bulk of my career as a posed studio photographer meeting families out of one of several studios throughout Baltimore, Catonsville and Westminster Maryland. That entire time, I dreamed of being more of a lifestyle photographer. My heart craved it. Well, COVID came along and while it drastically changed the world, it gave me the push to be where I wanted to be. In your homes. And with that, it let me keep the babies where they wanted to be. In YOUR arms.

With that said, at every Maryland newborn session, I focus on several things…..

  • Family portraits with a focus on natural expressions, connections and joy.
  • Baby with just mom
  • Baby with just dad
  • Baby with the Pet and/or siblings
  • Baby alone, naturally posed on white
  • Detail/macro shots of the baby
  • Anything else that I can see in your home that helps to tell your story.

Baby alone, naturally posed

This is probably one of the more difficult things I had to adjust when I went from being a posed studio photographer to a lifestyle newborn photographer in Maryland homes. I used to pose newborn babies, naturally but still stylized. This meant that we needed a really warm space, a very full belly and LOTS of patience. Lots. Posed newborn sessions took close to 3, sometimes 4 hours to get in a bit of variety.

Now that I focus more on lifestyle newborn images and naturally posed, sessions are always less than 2 hours which is SO much better for tired new parents and most definitely easier on the baby.

At each Maryland newborn session, I will spend some time focusing on baby alone. I bring lots of soft white blankets and wraps and a little posing beanbag or pillow. Your baby can be awake or asleep and we follow their lead completely so there is no stress when they need a snuggle.

This is also when we’ll focus on the tiny details like those adorable little toes!

Just a few solo shots of sweet baby Julian in his Baltimore lifestyle newborn session.

Connected Images with Mom

This goes without saying. You worked so hard and lovingly to get here. Photographing a mother with her new baby is actually the reason why I do this. Yes, babies are adorable and I love every thing about them, but being a mother myself, I know how incredible that feeling is. There’s something extraordinary about being able to document this for other women. We definitely spend a lot of time making sure you feel incredible for photos with just your new baby.

Loving Photos with Dad and Baby

Connected dads make my job so easy, so when I saw Julian’s dad carrying his baby in a wrap when I first arrived to their Baltimore home, I knew I was golden.

The Whole Family with Baby

This goes without saying. Typically, I will photograph mom and baby alone and then ask your partner to come over and snuggle up too. I will capture some of you both looking at the camera as well. Bonus points for those amazing moments when we snag some great eye contact from your newborn baby as well!

Then, we switch and focus on dad with baby and bring mom into the mix.

Don’t forget the Pets

I love including pets in my lifestyle newborn sessions. When you are looking for a Maryland newborn photographer, ask them if they are comfortable working with animals as well. For me, the more the merrier. 😉

Cats are always fun because they kinda rule the show. They love to either totally hide, or photobomb constantly. Huge fan of the photo bombers!

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