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5 Reasons Stay Home for Your Family Session in Baltimore

I know outdoor family sessions are all the craze, but have you ever considered staying home for your next family session in Baltimore?

I am on a mission to show more Maryland families how meaningful and fun it is to have your family photos captured in your own home. Check out just 5 (of many!) reasons to stay home for your next family session in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Reason #1 Ditch the Shoes!

One of the most challenging things about choosing outfits to wear for your family photos is picking out shoes. You have all the adorable outfits, but you need new clean shoes to go along with them if you have an outdoor session, right? So not fun!

When you have an in-home family session in Baltimore, that’s one less thing you need to worry about. Bare feet are adorable and socks are cute too. Ditch the shoes.

Reason #2 No Need to Stress on the Weather

Spring and fall are the most popular times for family photos in the Baltimore area, and while I love shooting outdoors, the weather can definitely make things tricky. There’s so much planning on your side, schedules can get a bit crazy when we have to reschedule frequently for rain, wind or cold. When you have an in-home family session, there is no need to worry about the weather! Unless it’s heavy snow or really heavily pouring and dark, I can be there. Soft diffused window light is all we need.

Reason #3 Documenting the Place you Call Home

There’s a reason for that old saying, “home is where the heart is”. This is where you spend the majority of your time. Where memories are made, laughter is had and tears are shed. There really can’t be a more meaningful location than your own home for a family photo session.

Reason #4 It’s where your Children are the Most Comfortable

Reason #5 The Photographs will Look Amazing Hanging in the Rooms they were Captured

Last but not least is my favorite reason of all. Imagine having connected, heartfelt images of joy photographed in some of the rooms where you spend the most of your time. Well, once you are ready to print these photos, where can you hang them? In the very same rooms they were taken! I look at it like a little time capsule. The people in that photo and likely even the room decor will change over time, but the memory is preserved in the photo. Hanging on the walls that grace the home. That you see every single day to remind you of this time. I love helping families come up with wall displays, but even more, it’s so rewarding to walk back into a family’s home and see their photos hanging beautifully all over the house.

So yeah, I could write about this all day and I am sure there will be many more posts talking about why I love in-home family sessions around the Baltimore area. I travel all over Maryland so if you’re unsure if I’m in your area, send me an email and we can chat.

xo, Kim


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