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Maryland Newborn Photography | Bright Eyed 6 week old baby Ezra

I have to say, being a Maryland newborn photographer comes with a lot of advantages. For one, with me being an in home photographer, I get to see so many cool cities and towns. Considering Maryland isn’t exactly a huge state, also means I get to serve the majority of the state, and even parts of Pennsylvania, Virginia and D.C. Give or take of course, I prefer not to travel over 2 hours, but I have before with added fees.

maryland newborn photographer

Choosing a Maryland Newborn Photographer

One of the first things to as yourself when looking for a newborn photographer in Maryland is do you want a studio session, or an in home newborn session? That should help you narrow down your search quickly. Use the right search terms when going to google, and you should find some great suggestions. Facebook is always great to ask for recommendations too.

If you do decide to go the studio route, I highly suggest making sure the studio distance isn’t too far from your home. While definitely very flattering, it can make it difficult to get everyone comfortable for their session when they arrive after being in the car for so long. Especially for a newborn. Find someone who is under an hour from your home, or better yet, choose an in home newborn photographer who comes to you – hint hint;)

One important thing to add is to make sure you are paying attention to their pricing structure. Are images included in the session? Do you need to go back to their studio for a sales appointment and are you comfortable with that? What is your max budget? While I highly suggest choosing a photographer based on a newborn portfolio that speaks to you, it’s also important to be real with yourself and don’t book someone that you can afford the session fee but may not be able to afford photos that you fall in love with after you see them. That is a horrible feeling, I’ve done that before myself. Which is why I love having an all inclusive pricing structure.

Why Do Maryland Newborn Photographers Suggest Under 2 Weeks?

This is a typical suggestion you’ll see in the majority of newborn photography websites you’ll stumble upon. Newborn’s grow so fast and they tend to sleep a bit heavier when under 2 weeks of age. They’re also super curly as they haven’t been outside of the womb for very long. So it makes sense if you’re a posed newborn photographer as parents choose that style of photography specifically for the “poses”.

When you’re a lifestyle newborn photographer, there’s a-lot more flexibility with timing. Maybe you needed some more time to settle in with your baby, they spent some time in the NICU, or maybe you just didn’t think about it until you brought your baby home and saw how fast they were growing. With lifestyle sessions, baby is photographed both awake and asleep and the entire session is baby-led. No need to worry about contorting to poses. That’s my favorite part!

6 week old Ezra’s Newborn Session

Now onto the fun stuff. This little guy was absolute perfection for his session. His mom was referred to me by one of their good friends after their recent session. Because I photographed their friend’s baby at 5 weeks, she really wanted to wait for Ezra to settle in and be more alert for his session too. She booked when he was 1 week old but we waited to meet when he was closer to 6 weeks. It worked out just like she imagined, he was awake and wide eyed and even gave us several smiles!!

As in all in home lifestyle newborn sessions, we spend time focusing on baby alone, baby individually with both parents, all of you together, and lots of variations. I love detail shots, little tiny macros and elements of the nursery if you have one put together. Not everyone does when I arrive, and that’s ok too.

Some of my favorites from baby Ezra’s family newborn session.

Maryland newborn photographer newborn photographer maryland



Tech info:  Canon R6 with 35mm f/1.4L lens and 100 f/2.8L lens, edited in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

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