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Baltimore In-Home Baby Photographer – What to Expect

in home newborn photographers

Baltimore In-Home Baby Photographer –
What You Can Expect

While I loved my years as a posed newborn photographer in studios throughout Maryland, I have always craved that simple authenticity that I saw in various lifestyle photographer’s portfolios. I saw those moments during my own sessions, but it was too hard to document both when I was too busy preparing set after set for stylized newborn photography. It was in 2018 that I knew I wanted to leave the posed sessions behind and focus on in-home lifestyle newborn sessions.

I will write more about that in another post, but for now, I wanted to go more into detail about what it is like to hire a Baltimore in-home baby photographer. And hey, it doesn’t have to just happen in Baltimore as I travel all over the Greater Baltimore area.

First, let me say, it is a true honor to be invited into a home to document such a fleeting and incredible period in your family’s life. Bringing home a newborn baby is easily one of the most memorable times during your life. The days go by faster than you can imagine. What that said, it’s also a wee bit chaotic, which leads me into reason #1 why I love lifestyle newborn photography. It takes the stress of the parents. There’s no need to pack your baby up and leave the comfort of your home. Stay put and I’ll put all the pieces together to create a magical morning.

in-home baltimore newborn photographer

When I arrive to your home, I will have my cameras ( I shoot with a Canon R6 MK II , Canon R6, and several different Canon lenses for my tech friends), a few bags filled with soft blankets and wraps, a small beanbag, supplemental lighting should we need it, and all the patience in the world.

We’ll chat a minute and then I’ll take a look around your home to figure out the best place to set up. Usually this is in one of the main rooms where you spend the most time. I typically set the beanbag up near a large window with soft diffused lighting and I will bring sheers to diffuse it more should we need it.

No natural light in your home? No problem. I always have lighting that mimics window light should we need it. You may be surprised where we can find the light though.

Photographing the Baby and Family In-Home

Once I have everything set up and a general idea of the rooms we’ll be shooting in, we move onto the fun stuff. The best part about being a Baltimore in-home baby photographer is that each session is unique. Some families choose to have mostly lifestyle with baby in their crib, some have a couple siblings they want to include. Some sessions, like this one in Owings Mills prefer to use just the simplicity of a white wall and no home decor. Everyone has different lighting, outfit choices, family members, pets, and home decor. With that said, there are some things that will be pretty consistent for every in-home newborn session.

At every newborn family session, I will spend some time capturing mom and baby, then bringing dad into the connections. Dad and baby, then bringing in mom. Then we may move to another room and do a few other various connections. You don’t need to worry about posing or what to do. My job is to find the light and then gently guide you into a natural position so that I can capture the authentic connections with your baby.

Baltimore In-Home Baby Photographer

In addition to the family images that we capture at every newborn session, we of course need to photograph your sweet baby alone. My style is simple and organic and I love white on white. I bring a ton of wraps and neutral sleepers we can use, but also love to incorporate personal items of your own. In this session, we used a sleeper I had and a few wraps of mine as well. I set up my beanbag next to their kitchen sliding door that had amazing light flowing in their Baltimore home at 10am.

I love detailed macro shots with newborns so try to capture several of those at every session as well.

in home baby photographer

What to expect during your newborn session

Even though every in home lifestyle newborn session is unique, there are things that can be expected at each and every session with me.

+ We typically schedule in the morning, around 9:30/10am on weekdays unless you have a specific need for a weekend and then we can work that out if possible.

+ Sessions include immediate family and pets. If grandparents are staying, they are more than welcome and happen to be my favorite types of images. There’s nothing better than a grandparent bond.

+ Newborn session galleries consist of 80+ images with varying connections and poses, in both black and white and color.

+ Newborn family sessions last around 1-2 hours, most just around 90 minutes. This includes taking several breaks to change and feed baby, set up and breakdown.

+ If you have other children, I would love to capture some of them alone as well. I think it makes for a nice cohesive wall gallery and it’s great to document your child during this important stage in their lives as well.

+ Your fully edited gallery is ready within 10 days of your session, with 1 week being the average. They are yours to download, print and share. I connect you to a professional lab, one of the nations best! Or my next best suggestion is MPIX.com.

As I get back to re-blogging so many sessions after losing my old website and blog, I hope to give you more glimpses inside what it’s like to work with a Baltimore in-home baby photographer. There are so many to choose from and we’re all unique. Make sure to take the time to research and find that perfect photographer for your family.

xo, Kim

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