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What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session?

What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session

and what exactly can you expect?

Coming from someone who was a posed and stylized newborn photographer for many many years, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love being a lifestyle newborn photographer. I could write for days on why, but for now, I’m sure you’re here because you’re wondering what exactly is a lifestyle newborn session? And more importantly, what can you expect when you hire a Baltimore photographer for a lifestyle newborn session?

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  • These sessions take place in your home or outdoors. I prefer in home but we can also do a mix of both indoors and outdoors. During warmer months, I always try to get outside for a few, on your front porch or backyard. These are elements of your home that you’ll want to remember too, so why not?!

  • No distracting props – unless it’s something special. My biggest prop is YOU.  You are where your baby wants to be. They are most comfortable in your arms and give me the best little grins when they’re snuggled up and happy! With that said, I do pose baby alone on white to capture their little details but the majority of the session takes place with family as that is what matters.

  • Natural Light- the smallest amount is all I need. We will hang out near windows and I will probably come through and open all your blinds. I’m pretty good at finding the light and love.

  • We use natural light in almost all cases. Sometimes if there is very little light in the home, I will use a little supplemental light, but the goal is to keep the lighting as natural and soft as possible. When needed, I can bounce a flash that mimics natural light. I was a studio photographer for so long, I am very experienced with artificial lighting and make sure the lighting is as soft and diffused as possible. We rarely need it, but it’s there if we do.

  • Naturally directed – I pose very naturally. My goal is to make sure your images do not look forced or posed. I gently guide you into flattering and connected angles with soft light. Then I let your true connections and expressions come through. We use fun prompts and ways to evoke natural expressions from even the most difficult toddlers and camera shy dads. 😉

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Posed vs a Lifestyle Newborn Session

When you’re looking for a Baltimore newborn photographer, this is something you’ll need to think about before hiring the perfect photographer for your family. Do you want a posed newborn session, or lifestyle?  Do you like fancy props, headbands and fabrics?

Posed sessions are a completely different ballgame and lifestyle photography is not for everyone, just like posed newborn sessions aren’t either. Are you drawn more towards natural posing and connections? Or do you like newborns with props and posed without family? Ask yourself these questions as you’re searching for a Baltimore newborn photographer. Don’t go with what you think the trends are. Go with what pulls at your heart strings.

I tend to a do a natural mix of both, starting each session off with natural poses of baby.  Then we move onto poses with the family, which are quite honestly my favorite. I do bring blankets and wraps and a low height moses basket for some solo poses but generally, we keep the focus on your baby and the connections.




Are you a Baltimore or Maryland expecting mom thinking about an in-home lifestyle newborn session? If so, I’d love to talk more about capturing YOUR story. Send me a message and ask me anything. I’ll get back to you the same day.

xo Kim

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