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5 Tips for Maternity Sessions at Home

5 Tips for Maternity Sessions at Home

You’ve finally. booked your maternity photographer, or maybe you’re still on the fence about maternity sessions at home to begin with. You can either take some photos yourself or you can hire a professional photographer. If you’re here, hopefully that means you’re debating hiring a Baltimore area maternity photographer to make the process easy and enjoyable. 😉

maternity shoots at home

So let’s pretend you’ve made that decision and you’re doing this for yourself and your child. Woo hoo!! Good for you! Now it’s time to start planning. Your photographer is likely doing a lot of planning on their end, but what can you do on your end to prepare?

5 tips for maternity sessions at home

maternity sessions at home

Ask your maternity photographer questions

This is a big one. Before your session, as your photographer as many questions as you can think of. I’ll speak for myself when I say, I want to know that you are comfortable and prepared going into our maternity session together. Granted, I’m super laid back and really encourage moms to just relax, but I know you have questions. Lots of them. Ask away and don’t be shy!

maternity photographers ellicott city

Have plenty of maternity (and non-maternity) clothing options

Most moms have some maternity dresses and pants all ready to go for their maternity sessions, but consider looking into your wardrobe (or Amazon) for some non-pregancy clothes as well. A long sleeve button down top, unbuttoned and paired with a bra or bralette and a pair of non-maternity jeans unbuttoned is a great way to show off your pregnancy belly without being super dressy or wearing lingerie. Speaking of, lingerie is more than fine too if you’re comfortable with that.

Your closet is also likely hiding a pre-maternity dress or two from Target also that would look great for your maternity sessions at home. Try them on and experiment. If you’re working with me, I encourage clients to text me photos of their ideas as I’m happy to offer input and share inspiration.

maternity sessions at home

Talk to your photographer about your vision as well

Another important one. I realize you hired your photographer for their vision, but truly make sure you’re on the same page. If you have an idea for a cutesy photo with hands shaped as hearts but your photographer is really organic and emotive, talk to them first and share your visions BEFORE the session so you can be on the same page. I always recommend finding someone who’s work you mesh with, but you can also ask them if there is something you’d like to capture. Something that is important to this milestone in your life.

maternity shoots at home

Tidy up your home around the windows

I tell mama’s not to stress on cleaning the whole house for their maternity sessions at home, but definitely try to tidy up in the main rooms like the living and master bedroom. Especially by the windows where we will be hanging around mostly.

pregnancy photographer baltimore

Try to Relax and Enjoy the Process

Number one suggestion. If you did your research and have chosen an experienced photographer, their job is to make you feel comfortable. To make sure your clothing looks great, the lighting is incredible, your hair is falling in the right place. Their job is to make you love the images so remember, they’re going to do everything in their power to make that happen. All they need from you is to relax and enjoy yourself because I promise, it WILL show in the images. Relax mama, and enjoy this incredible day. It’s your time to glow.

If you’re a Baltimore or Maryland expecting mom thinking about your own in home maternity session, (or outdoors too!), I’d love to work with you! Send me a message, tell me all about your vision and I’ll get back to you quickly.

xo, Kim

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