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Frederick Newborn Photographer – Fun In-Home Session with the Brady Family

If you’re an expecting mom looking for a Frederick Md newborn photographer, there’s a lot to consider. First, do you want a more stylized session with props and poses? Or do you enjoy lifestyle photography that is more laid back and relaxed. Hopefully it’s the latter because I’d love to work with you!

I have done both types of photography, but my jam is definitely laid back and relaxed. I prefer in home newborn photography where you and your baby can be completely relaxed and not have to worry about packing up a million things to travel to a studio. I’m always up for an adventure, and travel all over Maryland, including Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick and beyond to photograph families in their homes.

All newborn sessions include a mix of natural poses but also step back and catch some of the real life moments as well. Being an all inclusive photographer, you’re going to get the full story from me anyway so I make sure to capture all the little details.

frederick newborn photographer

So what else can you expect with a Frederick Newborn Photographer?

Patience. I have all of that and then some. Likely comes from having five kids of my own, but honestly, I think I had it before them.

We take our time during newborn sessions, with plenty of breaks for nursing, changing, wrangling toddlers or even just a snack break for mom. Even with all of that, a lifestyle in home newborn session still takes way less time than any of my stylized posed sessions took in the studio. Generally, you can expect me to be there for under 2 hours. You can read more about what to expect here.

I photographed big brother Nathan right before Covid hit in 2020, so I was really excited to hear they were welcoming another baby! We met last time in their home in Odenton Maryland but I really love the drive out to Frederick so was more than happy to see their new home. It’s so pretty out there!

A Little Glimpse inside Joseph’s Frederick Newborn Session

Before in-home newborn sessions, I ask moms to undress and gently wrap baby and give them a good feeding about 15-30 minutes before I arrive. This usually means I arrive to a super sleepy baby and can take them off of your hands so you can finish getting yourself ready if needed. Works out perfectly every time.

I set up my blanket and little bed in the corner by nice soft light and get started with just baby.

frederick newborn photographer newborn photographers frederick

If it works out like I planned, your newborn can snuggle in my little posing bed for a bit so I can capture some of your crazy toddler who wants to steal some of the show as well.

newborn photographers that come to your home

frederick newborn photographer

I usually try to shoot in two different rooms so you have plenty of variety but also because it tells more of your story. We don’t have to, but it’s fun to mix it up. Remember, it’s NOT about having the perfect home and it’s not anywhere near as bright in most homes that I go into. I use a camera that takes in a lot of light, and it’s also exposed properly to make them seem brighter than what most homes are.

Another great thing about being an all inclusive photographer is making sure you get all of the fun outtakes too. Toddlers are quite fun trying to get a great family shot, but this is why I encourage families to just let them be themselves. Let’s roll with it. If they want to bring a giant beanbag to the bed, let them. We’ll still get plenty of photos without that beanbag, sippy cup, or whatever it may be, but the truth is, it happened. And it was funny. It was them. So I capture it for you.


newborn photographer md

This was at the end of the session when we wanted to try one more time to get Nathan to hold his little brother.

They usually don’t like to actually hold them for more than a second, so I love that mom’s hands are in this one.  And I love that he actually laid down next to Joseph and smiled perfectly for me. So cute!

frederick baby photographers

Are you a Baltimore area or Central Maryland mom considering an in home family session for your baby, children or family? Drop me a line, I’d love to help you document this time!

with love,


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