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5 Reasons to Love Your In Home Family Session – Ellicott City Baby Photos

In Home Family Session with an Ellicott City Baby Photographer

Oh that wonderful age of the sitter milestone! Photographing an in home family session with a  6-9 month old is definitely one of my favorite things! They are so wide eyed and curious about the world, but stranger anxiety typically hasn’t crept in so we can get some amazing expressions. Add to that, the major bonus that they can’t run away from the camera yet, and we have nothing but pure magic!

That’s exactly what this session felt like to me with this beautiful Ellicott City family and their adorable baby girl.

in home family session

Six reasons you should choose an in home family session

I could list so many more, but let’s just go with six reasons for now.

  • Younger children are more comfortable
  • You can even do indoors and outdoors
  • You have access to more clothing
  • No need to worry about shoes – think baby toes!
  • I can capture those big beautiful eyes
  • So your baby can remember how loving your home was

in home family session baltimore city

1. Younger Children are More Comfortable – Especially the Baby

I wrote about this briefly before, but it’s important to me, so I’ll say it again. While outdoor Maryland photography sessions can be fun, younger babies can sometimes be a bit distracted and overwhelmed outside. When they’re in their own home, they’re used to the environment and tend not to be as distracted by the grass, sounds and smells. While it’s ok if you want truly lifestyle and not a-lot of looking at the camera, if you enjoy a-lot of  big smiles and eye contact with younger babies, consider scheduling an in home family session.

2. We can indoors AND outdoors when the weather is nice!

Who’s to say an in home family session actually has to take all place indoors? We can always do a mix of both, and I usually suggest that as long as the weather is nice. Truthfully, I’m super flexible when it comes to weather anyway, so if this is something you’d like to consider for your family photos, we can always reschedule if the weather isn’t in our favor the day of your session.

When we meet for an in- home family session, I like to shoot both in the home and in areas like your front porch and anywhere we can find nice light around the perimeter of the home as well. If there are special areas within close walking distance, we also have that as an option.

See what I mean? It’s way more personal and unique when it’s in your own home!

family session outside in Columbia Md


3. Access to more clothing options if needed

Baby’s drool and accidents happen. That’s another big bonus to being in your home for your family photo session. We have access to all of your clothes! Sometimes I notice an outfit you may have overlooked. Maybe it accents the color in the room we’re shooting in, or maybe it makes her eyes just pop. It’s nice to have a lot of options.

baby photographers in Baltimore

family photos in Howard County

4. Think BABY toes!

This was another big one… no shoes!! Finding outfits for the whole family can be enough work in itself and then you still have to pick out shoes for everyone if you’re outside. With in an in home family session, the whole family can be photographed in bare-feet or clean socks. And babies? Well who doesn’t love adorable little baby toes! No cold toes, you can let those piggies out when you’re indoors!

baby photographer in baltimore


5.Let’s see those big beautiful eyes sweet baby!

Bright sun tends to make anyone squint, but especially a baby with new and sensitive eyes. While I always do what I can to avoid this, and usually do, people will still naturally open their eyes wider when indoors. The light is softer and there is no bright sky so it’s obviously easier to gaze into those big baby blues (or brown!).

in home family session baltimore


6. Show your baby how beautiful and loving your home was

Photographs help us to form a clearer picture (no pun intended) of our younger live in our minds. We can’t remember all the little details, so photos can help us remember, or form our own mental picture. I don’t know about you, but I have always loved going back through family photos and liked to see the home I was in at the time and the decor my parents had. Especially as the times and trends change, these documentations are even more valuable. Now mama, I know many of you put so much thought into your homes and if you’re like me, Wayfair is bookmarked on your phone. Let’s show it off.

Sure you have a million snapshots of your baby on your phone, but how many have YOU in them? By having your family photos taken at home, you’re documenting the love and connections that took place in the house your baby spent their first year.

ellicott city baby photographers

Are you a Baltimore area or Central Maryland mom considering an in home family session for your baby, children or family? Drop me a line, I’d love to help you document this time!

with love,


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