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Studio Newborn Photographer in Baltimore – Why I love Lifestyle

It’s way past the time I sit down to write this post because I keep mentioning my back story throughout other blog posts. For over 10 years, I was a studio newborn photographer in Baltimore. I had multiple studios throughout Baltimore, Howard and Carroll County, but started slowly moving into lifestyle photography in 2016, and then exclusively in 2019. I’m so glad I did.

Why I am no longer a studio newborn photographer in Baltimore

I had always craved lifestyle photography. I remember so clearly styling sets for babies and passing the baby back to the parents while I set up yet another color backdrop or prop. I’d look over to the mom or dad holding their perfect newborn baby and see the most beautiful moment. It was never in the right lighting obviously because I was using studio light and often had to have the windows blocked out, but I’d think to myself.. now THAT is the shot.  That is what I wanted to capture. Still, they came to me for posed newborn photography, and I was good at it. I did enjoy it. Just not as much as what I do now. 😉

I’ll admit, some of my favorite shots ever were posed newborn and I get all emotional when I look back through old Facebook posts and memories, BUT they still don’t give me all the mama feels like lifestyle newborn photography does. And that is what my heart pulls to offer families. Because it’s what I know will matter years down the road when all the trends fade.

studio newborn photographer in Baltimore

What is a studio newborn photographer?

A studio newborn photographer is typically thought as someone who poses newborns, but that’s not always the case. There are many photographers who consider themselves lifestyle photographers as well but they photograph families in a studio. In that case, the studio is typically set up like a home, with a bed and natural elements to make it feel cozy.  While some of my studios had this feel to them, most of my work was still photographed with backdrops and studio lighting.

For instance, this was a studio that I shared with the lovely Jane Maccubbin of Jane Mack Photography back in 2018. We both loved it but it didn’t work out there due to reasons beyond our control, so we moved on and eventually parted ways. I still follow her work and typically will send most senior photography inquiries her way, unless it was a past client of mine.

You’ll notice though, tons of beautiful wraps, a studio soft box with a Paul Buff Einstein, and a dedicated poser for the baby. It was great, and probably one of my favorite studios, BUT, I still craved in-home newborn sessions.

studio newborn photographer in Baltimore

Why I love In-Home Newborn Photography

Let me count the ways.

  • It’s unique to your family
  • It’s more meaningful
  • I love natural light
  • I love documenting families in their elements
  • Babies are more comfortable
  • Mama’s are more comfortable
  • I love the challenge and it helps my creativity

I could go on and on, but

lifestyle photographers baltimore city

Truth be told, I still do a little of both at every newborn session. I pose baby alone, but naturally. I don’t go crazy with wraps and props as I want to keep the focus on your baby. They are beautiful just the way they are. Then, we move onto the true moments that matter. My goal as your family and newborn photographer is to document the moments that matter. Not just what looks cute on Instagram today. I want these to mean the world to you for a lifetime.

While I can’t say I’ll ever go back to being a studio newborn photographer in Baltimore, I will most definitely be spending my mornings photographing beautiful babies like sweet Sofia and her family.

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