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Baltimore Maternity Photos – A Beautiful Outdoor Session

I probably sound like a basket case at this point, flip flopping between both indoor and outdoor maternity photos in Baltimore but honestly, I love them both for different reasons. In home sessions definitely have an advantage and if you can swing both in your home by shooting in your  yard too, then fantastic! I’m there! But sometimes, it’s not in the cards to do both and that’s ok too. Sometimes it’s best to just have your maternity session outdoors and make some magic.

baltimore maternity photos

Outdoor Maternity Session with Kelly

Kelly, her husband and her adorable fur baby came to me from Baltimore City to one of my favorite locations for outdoor maternity photos. I schedule sessions either early morning or late evening for the best light. I love that she brought her dog with her because they always make sessions so much more fun!

When to schedule outdoor Baltimore Maternity Photos

Timing is important for sure. The best time of the day for maternity photos (or any type outside) is either very early, or late evening, about 90 minutes before sunset. This is because the light is softer and a bit more golden so not only do we have more areas to work with, but we’re going to have a magical glow to the photos as well.

What to wear for Outdoor Maternity Photos

I am a big believer on encouraging my clients to wear not only what makes them feel comfortable for their maternity sessions, but also what is THEM. For this reason, I do not have a client wardrobe, but I do help you style and can help guide you with what to wear. I always recommend looking into your closet first and sending me photos of some of your favorite dresses or outfits. All else fails, you can hit up Amazon  or Target, and I have a good list of places that make incredible dresses and even some that offer rentals.

If you’re a Baltimore or Maryland expecting mom thinking about your own in home maternity session, (or outdoors too!), I’d love to work with you! Send me a message, tell me all about your vision and I’ll get back to you quickly.

xo, Kim

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