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Bright and Airy Bethesda Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Newborn photographers will often tell you under 2 weeks is the “ideal age” for newborn photos, but I beg to differ. Some of my favorite sessions have been with babies around that 5/6 week mark! Let this Bethesda newborn session with little Cooper show you why.

Bethesda Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

bethesda newborn photographer

Bethesda Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Kim Whipps Photography

I’d venture to say that a lot of the families I work with began to consider newborn photos after their baby was born. Many tell me that they didn’t really consider hiring a newborn photographer at first because they weren’t into the stylized types of newborn photos they frequently saw online. They also didn’t truly comprehend how fast their newborn would change in those first few weeks. I wish I kept better track of when people contacted me but off the top of my head, a good amount tend to reach out when their baby is 3 weeks old. It’s CRAZY how much they change in just the first three weeks!

Little Connor’s mom reached out to me when he was 2 weeks old. It was during the busy fall season so we didn’t get a chance to meet until he was closer to 5 weeks. Honestly, it was the perfect time. Not only did he give me some great eye contact for some of the photos, but he slept like a dream for the rest.


bethesda newborn photographer

Bethesda Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Bethesda Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

If there is something inside your home that means a lot to you, whether or not it’s in ideal lighting, let me know. I’d love to include it. Heading up the stairs of their Bethesda home, you couldn’t miss this incredible wall mirror in the hallway. Aside from the incredible design of this, it was really meaningful as it belonged to mom’s grandmother. What a beautiful way to incorporate a family heirloom into their newborn photo session.

At every in home newborn session, I ask the parents if they would like baby’s solo images to be on their bed or on a basic white set up using my beanbag and soft blankets. Some decline the beanbag and wraps, which is totally ok and actually kind of fun to keep it flowing with the rest. But in this case, mom was up for some classic white wrapped photos of Connor on the beanbag. It flowed well with the rest of his gallery too since their home was so light and airy and they were both wearing lighter colors as well.

While not every session is bright and airy, I like to keep things somewhat consistent for your gallery, and your home.

If you’re an expecting mom or have welcomed a new baby and you are looking for a Bethesda lifestyle newborn photographer or pretty much anywhere in the Baltimore metropolitan area, I would love to talk with you! I’m sure you already see how fast these weeks go by and it’s never too late to document them. Don’t worry if your baby is already past that suggested time frame. It doesn’t matter, I promise.

To see more of my maternity & newborn portfolio  click here and feel free to reach out and ask any question you can think of. 



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